Why You Should Use CBD for Tattoo Aftercare

Why You Should Use CBD for Tattoo Aftercare

Why choose CBD for Pre/Post Tattoo Care?

Tattoos are painful, but that is part of the appeal. A tattoo has to be earned. If they were peel and stick, everyone would have one, and they wouldn’t have any meaning. You found this page looking for natural ways to help get through long sessions under the gun. CBD is a great way to calm the nerves that come leading up to your appointment, as well as ease the inflammation that comes with a new tattoo. This is especially useful for first timers. 

Keep in mind that you will need a plan for your tattoo aftercare. CBD skin care products such as creams and our CBD Tattoo Aftercare Balm act on cannabinoid receptors in the skin. This action alleviates skin conditions caused by inflammation, and may help to speed the healing of your new tattoo. It helps to reduce the swelling caused by inflammation, and will help you ensure that your tattoo heals quickly, properly, and looks perfect for years to come. Many tattoo moisturizers can block pores and increase the risk of infection. Our Tattoo Aftercare Balm is designed to keep your pores clear, keep your tattoo moisturized, and keep the inflammation at a minimum. 

How Much CBD Should You Take Before a Tattoo Session?

The standard answer is to start with 20mg, and adjust to fit your individual needs. A more accurate answer is “It depends.” Please reference our comprehensive CBD dosage guide to find the right amount of CBD to take before getting your new tattoo. 

Many people research how much CBD to take before getting a tattoo to help with the pain and nervousness that comes with getting inked. CBD is a one two punch for both of these problems. It has been found to both reduce inflammatory effects, and to reduce anxiety. This is perfect for someone getting a new tattoo. You can take some of our calming tincture about an hour before your appointment to calm your nerves.Many of our tattooed customers choose to use our pain+recovery drops to ease the discomfort of fresh ink. 

Nuleev Calm Drops

Our Full Spectrum 1200mg Calm Drops Tincture has been crafted to ease stress and anxiety. Especially the nervousness that comes before a tattoo session. It includes 1200mg of CBD, 600mg of CBG, Chamomile, Jasmine, and Peppermint oil to provide a synergistic, entourage effect that conquers your pre-tattoo jitters. Just be sure to take your Calm Drops at least an hour before your session, and you’ll know how easy getting a new tattoo can be. 


CBD Tattoo Aftercare

Nuleev’s CBD Tattoo Aftercare Balm encourages healing and protects that new ink within your skin. When using CBD cream, it should at least be applied daily to prevent your tattoo from drying out and/or scabbing over. However, this guide suggests keeping it clean and moisturized by washing regularly, then applying your CBD aftercare cream twice per day.  This varies person to person. Someone with drier skin will need more applications, oilier skin will require less. Keep your CBD tattoo aftercare balm with you at all times during the healing process, and apply as necessary. 

Many of our tattooed customers believe that using our CBD Tattoo Aftercare Balm along with our CBD Oil Tincture provides an enhanced effect. If you would like to strengthen the effects of your aftercare, take your usual dosage of tincture along with applying CBD tattoo aftercare cream to enhance the healing and protection of your tattoo.

Nuleev CBD Tattoo Balm

We put painstaking care into formulating our CBD Tattoo Balm. All natural cocoa butter, avocado, grapeseed, hemp, and jojoba oils are combined with the purest CBD extract to keep your new tattoos moisturized and protected. Our Tattoo Balm keeps lines sharp, and colors vibrant. The smells of chamomile, bergamot, and vanilla provide a soothing effect in tandem with the calming and healing effects of CBD and CBG. If you have a tattoo, new or otherwise, you can benefit from using Nuleev CBD Tattoo Aftercare Balm.


What Do Tattoo Artists Think of Our CBD Tattoo Aftercare Products?

For tattoo artists looking for a natural aftercare product to replace traditional, petroleum based moisturizers, our CBD tattoo aftercare balm fits that bill. It provides a boost to encourage healing, and keep tattoos sharp and vibrant. 
Nathan Cartiel, a long time professional tattoo artist in New York City says that “Nuleev tattoo balm is my go to aftercare product for all my clients because it keeps the ink looking fresh and helps the skin repair, protecting their investment.”
He went on to say “I have used many tattoo balms, Nuleev not only provides a great smelling, not too oily product, but also adds superior CBD to really focus on helping the healing process. It keeps the color looking as fresh as it did on day one.”

Final Thoughts

Getting a new tattoo, and the pain experienced, is a meaningful experience. Every meaningful experience is difficult, and the nervousness leading up to it is difficult. If you need some assistance with these aspects of your next tattoo, take ~20mg of a calming CBD tincture at least an hour before your appointment. Adjust dosage as necessary for your individual needs. It will ease your nerves, as well as the sting of the gun. 

After your appointment is finished, and you take your bandage off 24 hours later, our CBD Tattoo Aftercare Balm helps alleviate inflammation, and this effect may speed healing. Clean your tattoo with antimicrobial soap and apply the balm after removing the bandage. Reapply the balm as soon as the previous application has absorbed into your skin. It is very important to keep your tattoo moist as it is healing. The typical time frame for a tattoo to heal is 3 weeks. However, this is misleading. The top layer of skin will be healed around this time, but it may take up to 6 months for lower layers of skin to fully heal. This is affected by the size of the tattoo, how deep the needle is inserted, and several other factors. Consider continuing your aftercare routine after the top layer of skin is healed. We hope that you love your new ink!

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