Top Reasons to Use CBD for Your Pet

Top Reasons to Use CBD for Your Pet

Our pets are more than just adorable animals that live in our house. They’re loyal friends and loved members of the family. So when they’re not feeling well or experiencing discomfort, we want to do everything we can to make them feel better.

For pet owners who want to find a different option than harsh prescription medications, CBD can be an effective treatment for a number of symptoms and health conditions without the chance of causing severe or long-term side effects.

How Does CBD Affect Pets?

Almost all pet CBD is THC-free, meaning the psychoactive compounds have been completely removed. However, you should always check the label and buy your pet CBD from a source you trust to make sure your pet isn’t being exposed to THC.

Yes, pets can get “high” if they ingest THC. The effects are similar to when humans ingest THC, but our furry friends shouldn’t be exposed to something they don’t understand. If your pet has ever undergone a medical procedure that put them under anesthesia, you’ve likely seen how they behave after waking up. They’re confused, uncoordinated, and sometimes even scared. The same thing can happen if they ingest THC.

How CBD Can Help Your Pet

Relieve stress and anxiety

CBD can be helpful in calming pets that have separation anxiety, are fearful of loud noises (like fireworks), or have difficulty adjusting to new places and situations. Just like with humans, CBD has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety in animals. And calm, comfortable pets are happy, well-behaved pets.

Pain management

Studies have demonstrated that CBD can be an effective treatment for mild pain without the risk of causing dependency or withdrawals. If your pet suffers from arthritis, inflammation, nerve-related pain, digestive pain, or similar symptoms, CBD might be able to reduce or eliminate your pet’s discomfort.

Combating seizures

For pets that experience seizures on a regular or even daily basis, the only current treatment is a drug called Phenobarbital. Unfortunately, this medication can cause severe and long-term side effects such as dehydration, increased appetite, incontinence, and liver problems.

Similar to humans, CBD has proven to be an effective treatment in reducing the severity and occurrence of seizures in pets without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Reducing severity of cancer treatment symptoms

Studies are currently underway to analyze CBD’s effectiveness at fighting tumors, but there is no conclusive evidence at this time.

However, CBD has been proven to help to boost the effectiveness of radiotherapy and reduce the occurrence of vomiting or nausea related to chemotherapy. So, if your pet has cancer or complications related to cancer treatments, CBD could provide some relief.

Why Quality Matters for Pet CBD

Pet CBD is similar to human CBD in that the source plants and method of extraction can make a huge difference in the quality of the final product. Your pet deserves the best CBD possible if you want them to enjoy all of its potential health benefits. That’s why a product like [NULEEV PET PRODUCT] is our go-to choice for helping our pets feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

How to Pick the Right CBD for Your Pet

Choosing the right CBD for your pet depends on the symptoms or conditions you’re hoping to treat. Most pet CBD comes in oil form, which is generally the most effective and versatile, but you can also find treats and topical applications for pets with digestive issues or skin conditions.

Determining an appropriate dose will be based on your pet’s size/weight, age, and general health. You should implement the “start low, go slow” approach to your pet’s CBD dosage but we also encourage you to speak with a veterinarian before adding CBD to your pet’s diet or health routine.

Hopefully this article has helped guide you to the perfect CBD for your furry friend!

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