Nuleev Brings You THC Seltzer Made in Minnesota

Nuleev Brings You THC Seltzer Made in Minnesota

Nuleev is thrilled to be offering Minnesota produced THC seltzers from Modist Brewing and Kite Soda at all three of our brick and mortar stores in Fargo, Mankato, and at The Mall of America in Bloomington. 

Nuleev X Modist Brewing


Hemp derived THC is legal in the great state of Minnesota, and Nuleev has partnered with Modist Brewing to create a delightful, locally crafted THC infused seltzer called TINT. The sweet, soft flavor of blackberry with a little lime to brighten things up. Creating a THC infused beverage is not a simple task. Simply dropping some oil extract into a seltzer does not enhance the flavor because it does not dissolve. No one wants to have a drink with an oil slick sitting on top of it, even if that oil is some delicious Nuleev THC. We have used a proprietary, innovative technology to create a hemp extract that dissolves into this delectable seltzer without affecting the texture or flavor at all. 

Kite Soda 

Kite Soda was founded in 2022 by Andrew Afrooz of Solid Gold Hemp (2019) with Burning Brothers Brewing (2015). What makes Kite Soda unique is our partnership which allows us to combine the knowledge and experience of both cannabis and beverage experts to bring you accessible yet refined flavor profiles of the most popular sodas on the market: Citrus, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, & Orange* (*coming soon).  Kite Soda was the first THC Soda in Minnesota, and was the first THC beverage maker in Minnesota to bring 10mg cans to market.  We are members of the Minnesota Hemp Cooperative and Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild respectively.  Kite Soda was named the winner of the Legacy THC/CBD Cup's Best THC Beverage in November of 2022 for our Root Beer!

kite soda THC

Natural THC Seltzer

CBD and THC infused drinks have been hugely popular in recent years because with the innovative extraction methods required to dissolve these cannabinoids into a drink, the body absorbs them much faster. Oils take a long time to break down in our digestive systems, so the cannabinoids take at least an hour to take effect, and about two hours to hit their peak. 

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