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How to Use THC Libido Gummies for Men's and Women's Health

You’ve probably heard from friends that THC enhances libido, and the sex itself. Anecdotally, many people say that it makes them more sensitive and everything more intense. But what does science say? We’ve done the research, and the findings may surprise you. Read on to learn all there is to learn regarding cannabis and sexual health. 

What is the Best Weed for Sex?

How does cannabis affect libido and sexual experience? Well, we know that your body makes its own endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids reward us by giving us feel-good effects from exercise, social interaction, and sex. One study found that an endocannabinoid called 2-AG is released after orgasm. Unfortunately, this study did not differentiate between male and female endocannabinoids after orgasm. 

Does Weed Make You Horny?

Yes! This study plainly states that “Aspects of participant sexual experience enhanced by cannabis.” According to another study, regular consumers of cannabis had more frequent sex than those who didn’t use cannabis. This doesn’t prove that cannabis makes you horny, but it does point in that direction. It could be that the stress relieving effects of cannabis allow our libidos to flourish. This study found that small doses relieve stress and anxiety, but large doses were found to have the opposite effect. And stress, depression, and anxiety have been found to decrease libido in this study. It could be that people who use cannabis are more open to experience. Correlation does not equal causation, but most people agree that cannabis does increase libido and enhance the sexual experience. If it works for you, then it works. To find out for yourself, have one of our libido gummies an hour or two before you and your partner head to the bedroom.

Best Edibles for Female Arousal

marijuana and female orgasms

The best edibles for female arousal depend on the individual woman. Lets go over some interesting information regarding female sexuality, then talk about how cannabis affects women’s libido as well as other aspects of female sexuality. The female orgasm was thought to be a myth by some until it was confirmed in a scientific study in the 1940s. Due to rampant cluelessness, female sexual tension was diagnosed as “hysteria” and led to the invention of the vibrator. With the details of female sexuality being viewed as taboo, there have been a lot of myths and nonsense surrounding the subject for centuries. 

But how does cannabis affect female sexuality? Lucky for us, this study wanted to finally find out the truth about marijuana and female sexuality and states that “Most women reported increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain…” and “...women who reported marijuana use before sexual activity had 2.13 higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms.” You read that right. Using our THC libido Gummies an hour or two before sexy time will increase the female sex drive, improve orgasm, and decrease pain. Whether you are a curious woman, or the partner of one, that is amazing news for female sexuality. 

But why do all of these women agree that cannabis helps their sex life all around? According to this survey, stress, depression, and anxiety negatively affect female libido and lead to fewer orgasms. And in this study, low doses of THC were found to have alleviated stress and anxiety. Thats great news if your partner has a particularly stressful job and is rarely in the mood after work. Try our 5mg gummies to relieve the stress of the work day and enhance your experience between the sheets. In addition to removing stress, it could potentially remove some of the anxiety present with a new partner where trust is still being built. 

Use THC Libido Gummies for Men’s Sexual Health

We would assume that cannabis has the same sex and libido enhancing effects for men that it does for women, and that may be true, but it seems to depend on the frequency of use. In the study that we cited above, small doses of edible cannabis relieved stress and anxiety, which affect sexuality. However, it also stated that large doses have the reverse effect. The men who used marijuana daily in this study reported inability to orgasm, reaching orgasm too quickly, or too slowly. However, there are many different variables that affect orgasm. We can’t conclude that cannabis consumption caused these problems. 

Some people may believe that erectile dysfunction and cannabis consumption are related. Well, according to this study, there is not enough data to make that conclusion. However, they did find that alcohol and tobacco were factors in erectile dysfunction. 

Best Weed Dosage for Sex

thc dosage for sex

Too much cannabis can cause sedation and paranoia. In addition, too much causes people to withdraw within themselves. Withdrawing inward is bad for sex and bad for our sexual partners. The same study that found that small doses of cannabis relieved stress and anxiety also found that large doses created stress and anxiety. When using THC for sex, keeping your dosage small seems to be the key. This is especially true for anyone inexperienced with cannabis. If you are looking to enhance your sex life with THC, start very small, and adjust slowly. Cut one of our libido Gummies into 1/4ths, and try one piece (1.25mg) to start. If you can’t feel the effects, try 1/2 piece (2.5mg) the next time. Move up 1/4 piece at a time until you achieve the desired effect. the perfect cannabis dose for you to enhance your sex life. For those of you who are experienced with THC, try one single gummy (5mg) to start, and adjust slowly. You will have the perfect edible dose for sexual enhancement in no time. 

Nuleev’s THC Products for Sexual Health

Anecdotally, a lot of cannabis users love to use THC to enhance their sex lives. There is a lot of evidence in these studies that point toward cannabis strengthening libido and enhancing the experience of sex. However, there is also evidence that daily use or taking too much can be bad for your sex life. So if you are looking to enhance your sex life with THC, try our Stoner Patch gummies, and keep the dose low for the best results. 

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