How to Use CBD for Tooth Pain

How to Use CBD for Tooth Pain

If you have any pain in your teeth, please see your dentist. If you want to try CBD to help with the pain, consult your dentist first. 

You already know that CBD relieves pain and inflammation. You can’t type “CBD” into Google without tripping over a study that suggests this, and many people report having found pain relief from CBD. However, what about using CBD for tooth pain? There is little to no research available for using CBD to treat toothaches. But if it’s been proven to reduce pain and inflammation in scientific studies, shouldn’t it help? That’s what we’re here to explore. As always, it depends on the details. 

How Much CBD Should You Take For a Toothache?

In our dosing guide we recommend starting with 20mg, and adjusting the dosage to find the perfect amount to help your toothache, but be sure to talk to your dentist about it first. To understand how to use CBD for tooth pain, first we have to figure out exactly what type of toothache you have. Tooth pain comes in several different levels with different root causes. 

common oral pain

  1. Sensitive Teeth - This is a common pain felt by millions of people. It is usually caused by your teeth being exposed to hot or cold through food, drinks, or even just the air. It usually doesn’t last long, and is a low level pain. Sensitive teeth just happen to some people. However, if this sensitivity is new to you, it may be caused by severe decay or a broken or chipped tooth exposing a nerve. It's always best to consult your dentist on these matters before taking action yourself.
  2. Inflamed Gums aka Gum Disease - This is most often caused by bacterial plaque that builds up along the gum line. The white film causes tooth decay as well swollen gums. It creeps beneath the gums and your body has to send in the immune troops to fight it off. 
  3. Dull Ache - Such a classic. This is the most common type of tooth pain, and can be felt in a single tooth, several teeth, and/or down into the jaw. This can be caused by something as simple as a piece of food stuck between teeth. But it can mean that you have tooth decay. Consult your dentist.
  4. Sharp Pain - This is usually caused when a problem tooth comes into contact with another tooth, or food. It may come along with aching and throbbing afterward. This type of toothache is usually caused by a single tooth, and only experienced when you bite down in a certain way. This is usually a single tooth that has become damaged. Please consult your dentist for this type of pain.
  5. Throbbing Pain - This type of tooth pain usually comes on gradually, and it is extremely frustrating when it does. It may seem like one tooth in the beginning, but grows to include other teeth, your jaw, and your face, along with swollen inflamed gums. Without consulting a dentist to solve this problem, it can grow extremely painful and be impossible to ignore further. Please consult your dentist to treat this type of pain.

So how does CBD stack up against these different types of pain? 

Like we said above, CBD has been proven in multiple studies to help mitigate different types of pain. Since sensitive teeth are caused by the nerves within our teeth becoming exposed to hot or cold, try our Pain+Recovery Tincture sublingually. Hold it under your tongue to get the cannabinoids to absorb closest to your source of pain. If you can’t wait for relief, try our CBD Vape Pen to get CBD into your system almost instantly. 

If you want to try THC for your toothache, our Stoner Patch THC Gummies may help. To avoid causing more pain in your teeth and gums chewing up a gummy, consider dissolving your gummy in hot water. Here is a comprehensive how-to on dissolving gummies. After the gummy dissolves you can absorb it sublingually like a tincture. 

If your gums are swollen and hurting, this happens because of some problems with the buildup of plaque at the base of our teeth. We’ve got great news! CBD has been proven to reduce the bacteria that leads to dental plaque. The swelling is caused by an immune response to the plaque getting beneath the gums, and this study suggests that CBD reduces the bacteria that gets under your gums and causes the sometimes painful immune response.


You may be able to make a dull ache type of toothache more tolerable with our CBD Pain+Recovery Tincture. However, we recommend consulting your dentist before attempting to take CBD for your tooth pain. CBD is available sublingually. So take your typical dose and try to get it directly on the aching tooth. Hold it there for at least 30 seconds before ingesting. This should allow some of the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream, and attach to cannabinoid receptors closest to the root of the problem. If you are new to CBD, please refer to our CBD Dosing Guidelines. Start with 20mg, and adjust in small increments as necessary. You are a very unique human being and CBD will affect you uniquely. It is important to be patient, and figure out what works best for you carefully.

Once again, if you have a sharp pain, or a throbbing, persistent pain in your teeth, please see your dentist. Do not try to solve the problem on your own. It will get worse without being attended to by a professional.

Can I Put CBD On My Gums? 

where to apply cbd oil for tooth pain

Yes! CBD is bioavailable sublingually. There are lots of blood vessels under your tongue, and throughout your mouth. Holding it under your tongue for at least 30 seconds allows cannabinoids to absorb into your mouth, and attach to the cannabinoid receptors closest to your toothache. 

Can You Take CBD With Ibuprofen? 

We assume that over the counter medications are safe. However, ibuprofen comes with a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. It can also cause bleeding, holes, and ulcers in the digestive system. In general Ibuprofen is safe for short periods of time, but be careful with dosage and the length of time you take it regularly. CBD inhibits the CYP 450 system. This is a group of enzymes in the liver that metabolize other medications. This inhibition affects the amount of the medication in your bloodstream. If you intend to take another medication with CBD, consult your doctor first to find out if they will interact this way. Chances are, they will. For this reason, and the risks from ibuprofen, do not take CBD with ibuprofen unless told to do so by a medical professional

However, you can still safely take our CBD Pain+Recovery Gummies or Stoner Patch THC Gummies without other medications, and get the cannabinoid pain relief that human beings have been using for thousands of years.

Can Nuleev Cannabis Products Help You Relieve Your Toothache?

People do use CBD for tooth pain, and studies show that CBD helps mitigate pain and inflammation. But there is no dental CBD study that we can point toward and give you definitive answers on treating your toothache with CBD. To decide for yourself if CBD can help with your toothache, first, consult your dentist, second, order some of our CBD Pain + Recovery Drops or a CBD Vape Pen to avoid chewing a gummy that could make your mouth hurt worse. If you would rather try THC for your toothache, or combine it with CBD, dissolve one of our Stoner Patch THC Gummies in hot water to avoid chewing and further irritating your tooth. If cannabis works for your toothache, then it works!

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