Complete CBD Dosing Guide for Dogs and Cats

Complete CBD Dosing Guide for Dogs and Cats

Can Dogs Take CBD?

When a pet owner first hears about the health benefits of CBD for their little furry loved ones, they search for many questions related to dosage, safety and benefits. 

We are here to provide answers for you. We have scoured the internet for studies on the safety and efficacy of giving your dog cannabidiol, and there is a lot of evidence that CBD alleviates anxiety including separation anxiety, it helps with arthritis, and can increase your pet’s overall wellbeing. CBD is safe for dogs, and we have products designed with your dog in mind. If you are thinking about giving your dog CBD for any reason, be sure to speak with your veterinarian about it first. Especially if your dog is already on a prescribed medication. 

CBD Dosing for Dogs

CBD dosing chart for dogs

Not all CBD oils are created alike. Your dog’s CBD dosage depends on the strength of the CBD that you have. The general rule is 1-5mg per 10lbs that your dog weighs. So if you have a small dog that weighs 20lbs, and use our 300mg Bacon Flavored Pet Tincture, one full dropper equals 10mg. Start there, and adjust as necessary. The amount that your pet needs depends on what the problem you are trying to solve is, the severity of the issue, body weight, and their individual biology. Pound for pound, a hyperactive Jack Russell with a high metabolism will most likely need more CBD per 10lbs to treat their anxiety than a big, lethargic St. Bernard. However, if you have a St. Bernard or another large breed, they will need more CBD per dose overall. We also have a stronger 600mg Bacon Flavored Pet Tincture that is formulated for dogs over 60lbs. Feel free to mix it into food, but dogs love the flavor and yours will be excited every time you grab the bottle. If you want to avoid the math involved with milliliters and milligrams, we offer 5mg Chicken Flavored Soft Chew Dog Treats to simplify things for you.

Does CBD Help Dogs With Arthritis?

Sadly, many large breeds of dog get hip dysplasia, and every dog is subject to arthritis as they age. Cannabidiol has been shown to reduce inflammation in humans, but what about dogs? Thankfully, a study has shown that CBD helps alleviate the symptoms of arthritis in dogs as well. So if your pooch is aging and dealing with arthritis or other types of inflammation, CBD can help turn back time. Some dogs even respond to it by becoming their playful puppy selves again. However, results vary because each dog is different, and you will have to get the dosage for your unique pup just right. 

Does CBD Help Dogs with Anxiety?

This is the most frequently asked question from pet owners when they hear about the therapeutic effects of CBD for dog anxiety. CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in humans in this study, and dogs have endocannabinoid systems too. Many of our customers use our 5mg Soft Chew Dog Treats to help their pups with general anxiety, as well as separation anxiety. The American Kennel Club has heard many stories of CBD alleviating canine anxiety. Although the scientific community hasn’t provided us with a study to confirm this yet, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. Many veterinarians suggest that dog owners use CBD to help their anxious dogs.

Can Cats Take CBD?

You have a skittish cat that hides when people visit, or every time it hears a loud noise, and want to know if cannabidiol could help. CBD is perfectly safe for cats, and we offer a 300mg Salmon Flavored Tincture for cats to help your feline friend deal with anxiety as well as pain.

How to Give CBD Oil to Cats

Cats can be more fickle than dogs when it comes to food. But if there is one thing that they love, it's chicken. Our 2.5mg Chicken Flavored Cat Treats appeal to that love, and they are designed to make giving CBD oil to your cat easier. We recommend 1-5mg per 10lbs of body weight. Observe how your cat responds to the CBD, and adjust as necessary. Again, every feline is different. Some have faster metabolisms, and some just respond to CBD better than others. Since your cat is most likely 10lbs or under, giving them one of our 2.5mg treats is a great place to start. But if you have a 30lb Maine coon kitty, start with at least 5mg of our tincture, wait at least an hour for it to take effect, see how they react, and adjust accordingly.

CBD Oil Can Help Alleviate Anxiety in Cats

Some cats are very skittish. Any person or animal they don’t know well will send them running for the hills, up a tree, or under the bed. If your cat is easily startled and anxious, CBD can help them relax and feel safer. Since cats have an endocannabinoid system like ours, and CBD has been found to alleviate anxiety in human studies, cannabidiol can potentially help your cat be calmer. 

What About Other Pets?

Is your pet rat getting older, and not getting around as well? CBD could help them in their twilight years. All vertebrate animals have endocannabinoid receptors, and CBD can potentially help them with anxiety, inflammation, and arthritis. If your bearded dragon has a sore tail, reptiles have an endocannabinoid system, so CBD can potentially help. Sadly, pet insects and jellyfish won’t benefit from CBD. 

The Takeaway

CBD for pets

CBD is safe for both cats and dogs, and you have some options for giving them CBD. Cats love the flavor of our 300mg Salmon Flavored Tincture, and owners love how easy it is to measure the CBD in our 2.5mg Chicken Flavored Cat Treats. Dogs love the flavor of our 300mg Bacon Flavored Pet Tincture for dogs under 60lbs, and our 600mg Bacon Flavored Pet Tincture for dogs over 60lbs. If you would like to try to help your pet with CBD, please consult with your veterinarian first.

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