CBD and Managing Back to School Stress

CBD and Managing Back to School Stress

As we gear up for a new academic year, students globally experience the all-too-familiar "back-to-school stress." Whether anticipating rigorous academic demands or navigating new social environments, many students ask, “Why am I so nervous about school?”

The sudden shift from a relaxed holiday mode to a bustling school environment can significantly affect physical and mental health. Recognizing this is crucial as it lays the groundwork for developing strategies to manage back-to-school anxiety. We will delve into the impact of this stress and offer back-to-school stress tips to facilitate a smoother transition.

The Underlying Factors of Back-to-School Anxiety

Before we get into our remedies, it's vital to understand the potential roots of this seasonal anxiety. 

Academic Pressures

The dread of not meeting high academic expectations, such as maintaining a superior GPA or excelling in every subject, weighs heavily on many students. This pressure can sometimes stem from self-imposed expectations, parental pressures, or the competitive environment in school. The constant fear of falling short can foster a distressing atmosphere, potentially hindering one's ability to learn and grow organically.

Social Anxieties

Venturing into a new academic year, students often face the challenge of forming new friendships and finding their place in various social circles. The pressure to fit in and forge meaningful relationships can escalate into heightened anxiety. It may also involve fear of being judged or bullied, making it a source of significant stress that necessitates thoughtful strategies and interventions for alleviation.

Change in Routine

The abrupt change from a leisurely pace during vacations to a highly structured school routine can be remarkably jarring. Students grapple with earlier wake-up times, strict schedules, and the need to juggle various responsibilities. This drastic shift demands quick adaptation, which can induce stress and anxiety, particularly in the initial weeks of resuming school.

The Impact on Mental Health

Back To School Stress


Increased stress levels during the back-to-school period can cultivate feelings of sadness and hopelessness, gradually leading to depression. It is essential for students and caregivers to recognize the initial signs of depression early on. Identifying the stressors and working towards alleviating them can be a significant step towards nurturing mental well-being and fostering a healthier school experience.

Anxiety Disorders

Persistent worries about school, stemming from academic pressures to social anxieties, can burgeon into anxiety disorders. Students continually find themselves in a loop of questions like, “Why am I so nervous about school?” It becomes imperative to acknowledge these feelings and seek timely interventions, such as counseling or therapy, to manage the symptoms effectively.

Impaired Cognitive Function

Chronic stress not only affects emotional well-being but also impairs cognitive functions. Students under constant stress may find it challenging to focus on their studies, process information efficiently, and retain knowledge. This underscores the importance of adopting strategies to manage stress effectively, thereby ensuring it does not hinder the learning process.

Physical Health Concerns


The apprehension of returning to school can disrupt established sleep patterns, giving rise to insomnia. The incessant worries can keep students awake at night, affecting their daily functioning and academic performance. It becomes crucial to establish a calming pre-sleep routine to foster better sleep quality and equip students to handle the demands of school life energetically.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Stress can manifest physically, often affecting the digestive system. Students might experience stomach aches, nausea, or other gastrointestinal issues as a reaction to heightened stress levels. Maintaining a balanced diet and adopting stress management techniques can potentially mitigate these issues, promoting overall well-being.

Weakened Immune System

Chronic stress can adversely affect the immune system, rendering students more susceptible to infections and illnesses. It becomes pivotal to bolster the immune system through a nutritious diet, regular physical activity, and adequate sleep. Encouraging a lifestyle that nurtures physical health can be a strong defense against the deleterious effects of chronic stress.

Back to School Stress Tips

Now that we understand the possible repercussions, let's look at some back-to-school stress tips to manage these conditions effectively.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Embracing a lifestyle that incorporates a nutritious diet and consistent physical activity can act as a protective barrier against the detrimental impacts of stress. Physical well-being often mirrors mental health, making this an essential proactive measure.

Adequate Sleep

Sleep plays a pivotal role in one's overall well-being. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule not only rejuvenates the body but also the mind, preparing students for the challenges of the day.

Seeking Help

Acknowledging when stress transcends manageable limits is crucial. In such instances, professional help through a counselor or psychologist can offer coping mechanisms and provide a safe space to process feelings. 

Exploring the Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD on Stress

CBD's therapeutic properties have piqued interest in managing various health concerns, including those induced by school stress. 

Anxiety Management

Preliminary research may indicate CBD's efficacy in mitigating anxiety, primarily through its interaction with the brain's serotonin receptors. This may provide relief, especially in environments rife with academic and social pressures.

Improving Sleep

With stress disrupting sleep patterns, CBD emerges as a potential solution. Its properties may address underlying stressors, thereby fostering better sleep quality and duration, crucial for academic success.

Alleviating Physical Symptoms

Stress-induced physical ailments, especially gastrointestinal disturbances, can hinder daily activities. CBD may offer a promising avenue to alleviate such symptoms, contributing to overall well-being during stressful periods.

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Usage Tips for CBD

If you're considering incorporating CBD into your routine, here are some tips to follow, for more info look at our dosage page.

Consult a Healthcare Provider

Before using CBD, consult with a healthcare provider to understand the appropriate dosage and usage.

Start with Low Dosages

Start with lower dosages and gradually increase based on your body’s response.

Quality Products

Always choose quality CBD products from reputed vendors to ensure safety and efficacy.

As students navigate the complexities of the new academic year, understanding the underlying causes of “back-to-school anxiety” can pave the way for a healthier mental and physical state. From maintaining a healthy lifestyle to considering the incorporation of CBD in your routine, these back-to-school stress tips aim to provide a buffer against the inevitable pressures that come with academic terrain.

Remember, it is perfectly normal to feel nervous and recognizing this is the first step in managing it effectively.

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