Recovery and Pain Relief Drops


A daily dropper has helped me manage each rehab, workout, and session just better. It has helped reduce my stress, minimize swelling and put me in the right state of mind. It's my daily go-to helping repair the damaged muscles and tissues faster. Take one dropper in the morning and one at night for the best results.

  • 900mg CBD + 900mg CBG
  • Ginger and turmeric with pain reducing terpenes

Body Relief Roll On


I've used this for specific core areas that need extra attention. It's fact-acting, easy to use, and effective. The roll on has helped give me the extra boost on days where recovery was tougher and swelling started to creep up. Roll it on your joints and muscles as you need it.

  • 300mg CBD + 300mg CBG

Extra Strength Heating and Cooling Lotion


I love this stuff. It's like Icy Hot but better. It's power pain+recovery formula creates a hot and cold effect to relax sore muscles and joints. Perfect for after a workout.

  • 300mg CBD + 300mg CBG

Sleep Gummies


For those nights where I couldn't get to sleep I'd take a few of these to help calm things down. Made with a special blend of calming ingredients, melatonin, CBD and CBN it's perfect for those restless nights. Take 1-2 gummies, 30 minutes before bed and get a good night's sleep.

  • 25mg CBD + 3mg CBN
  • Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower, and melatonin
All Broad Spectrum | THC Free


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